Many women love their hair during pregnancy, saying it looks thicker and shinier. This is because high levels of progesterone cause the hair follicles to go into a resting phase, which reduces the amount of hair that falls out. However that isn’t always the case for some women high progesterone levels are also to blame for making hair drier and more likely to split and break, especially later on in pregnancy. Since it breaks nearer the roots, it looks like hair loss, but actually isn’t.

When thinking of doing a chemical change on the hair when a guest is pregnant, such as colouring, doctors recommend waiting until after the first 3 months and also having off scalp techniques such as highlights, as they are then not absorbed in by the skin. However, there is little evidence on effects towards the baby when women have coloured their hair during pregnancy, because of increased levels in hormones. I would advise doing a skin test and strand test 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Your guest could have been fine with products before the pregnancy but now they might be irritable to them. Also when pregnant it can affect how quickly the colour takes on the hair, it may be quicker than the recommended manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t worry, by checking the hair every 10minutes you can avoid over processing and scalp irritation.

When a guest comes into the salon for an appointment and they are pregnant, comfort is the main factor -you want them to relax and enjoy their service.

Firstly, make your client aware that the level’s of progestrone can either enhance hair texture to glossy and thick or decrease it to dry and brittle (as stated above). So if and when they do notice patches of hair missing they won’t panic. If a guest already has ‘hair loss’ problems and is worried advise them on seeing there gp, especially if they complain of itching and soreness in the places where the hair is missing as it could be a type of alopecia such as alopecia areata, sometimes caused by emotional stress.

Secondly, making your guest understand that there face shape could change with weight gain during pregnancy. So, no radical changes and a style that is easy to manage for maximum comfort when styling is required.

Finally, as above explain to your guest that their hair and scalp will undergo changes towards chemical services. So they can have it coloured but explain what needs to be done and why ie skin test, hair test.

There are many options for clients that are expecting, or have recently had a baby, from a variation of colour options and hair styles! At Jericho Hair Salons any of our stylists would be more than happy to discuss options with you anytime, simply call the salons or call in.

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