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Classic Beachy Waves

For those beloved seaside dreads, wet or damp hair air-dry a bit more and use salt spray. “Then, divide it into four sections, put it in a bun, and let your hair dry between 30-45 minutes. Let it out and just spritz the salt spray a bit more.” You’re only three easy steps away from getting wavy locks fit for the chicest of beach bums.

Everything you will ever need and more

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If you have had the same hairstyle for many years and you’re keen to revamp your look then why not consider trying out a bob haircut? The bob is a very versatile, chic and elegant look. The bob can be played with in various ways; you can flick out the tips, wear it with loose curls or even clip it up on one side. The bob is a hairstyle which is suitable for almost anyone.

But before you visit your local hairdressers, it is worth finding out which style of bob best suits your face shape. You can gain some inspiration by browsing through some hairstyles online before you login to CheekyBingo, or you could flick through a few of your fashion magazines. The trick with a bob hairstyle is to ensure the cut flatters your face shape by complimenting your best features.

Long Faces

If you have a long or thin face, then you can create the look of a fuller face by opting for a chin-length bob. In addition, you should avoid getting styles which are too long or short because these extremes can make the face look lengthier.

Round Faces

If you already have a lovely round face but would like it to appear slimmer then a slightly longer bob will best suit your shape. A bob which just touches your shoulders is probably the best length for you because this will help minimize the width of your face, making you appear slimmer. Avoid centre partings and fringes because you’ll find that they widen the appearance of your face. Your face shape would also suit an a-line bob or even an inverted bob.

Angular Faces

If your face shape is slightly square or triangular then you might want to soften your look by trying out a textured bob which curls in around the chin. When blow-drying your hair, use a round brush and pull it upwards from the roots to create plenty of volume. The rounder and more voluminous your style is, the softer your features will appear.

This year the Jericho Art Team,  Sophie Glover from Bracknell, Allison Brown from Maidenhaed and Harps from newly opened Staines salon have been chosen as finalists for the 2011 Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Team Awards.  The Jericho team will present to an audience at the Sofitel located at Heathrow T5 on May 15 competing against 10 other teams in the Southern area to take the title!

Excited like us? I’m sure you all wish them well for the competition and check back soon as we’ll have some photos of the night!

Jericho Art Team Recommends….

Hi – Im Harps and I’m a Jericho Art Team member. My favourite product range is from the Lanza purely because of the quality and the delivery it provides. Every range in Lanza has UV shields which are UVA, UVB and UVC and they all have healing botanical extracts in them. Lanza has nano technology that repair the hair inside out.

The style range has a Keratin healing system that improves styling control and hold. Colour preserve provide longer lasting hair colour. Lanza also has all the UV shields in the style range which prevent sun damage, while the thermal guard saves the hair from extreme heat.

Lanza speaks for itself- what you see is what you get and is definitely worth every penny and has given brilliant results all the time hence why lanza is the worlds healing hair care company. Remember heals, seals and protects.

Call into any of the Jericho salons and if not me – Im always available at Staines salon, one of our team will be happy to help – or you can get it straight away at TheShampooShop.

Jericho Art Team Recommends…

BIG Sexy Hair Spritz & Stay- Need big hair in a hurry? Big Sexy Hair to the rescue!  This non-aerosol offers a quick-drying hold by coating and sealing the hair cuticle which also improves hair strength, body and shine. The ingredients include a conditioning agent that generates a silky feel helping to repel humidity, protect against harmful UV rays, and prevent colour fading. After finishing our style spritz this fabulous product on to give instant hold and shine.

Sophie Glover recommends this summer wonder

Buy online at TheShampooshop

Many women love their hair during pregnancy, saying it looks thicker and shinier. This is because high levels of progesterone cause the hair follicles to go into a resting phase, which reduces the amount of hair that falls out. However that isn’t always the case for some women high progesterone levels are also to blame for making hair drier and more likely to split and break, especially later on in pregnancy. Since it breaks nearer the roots, it looks like hair loss, but actually isn’t.

When thinking of doing a chemical change on the hair when a guest is pregnant, such as colouring, doctors recommend waiting until after the first 3 months and also having off scalp techniques such as highlights, as they are then not absorbed in by the skin. However, there is little evidence on effects towards the baby when women have coloured their hair during pregnancy, because of increased levels in hormones. I would advise doing a skin test and strand test 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Your guest could have been fine with products before the pregnancy but now they might be irritable to them. Also when pregnant it can affect how quickly the colour takes on the hair, it may be quicker than the recommended manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t worry, by checking the hair every 10minutes you can avoid over processing and scalp irritation.

When a guest comes into the salon for an appointment and they are pregnant, comfort is the main factor -you want them to relax and enjoy their service.

Firstly, make your client aware that the level’s of progestrone can either enhance hair texture to glossy and thick or decrease it to dry and brittle (as stated above). So if and when they do notice patches of hair missing they won’t panic. If a guest already has ‘hair loss’ problems and is worried advise them on seeing there gp, especially if they complain of itching and soreness in the places where the hair is missing as it could be a type of alopecia such as alopecia areata, sometimes caused by emotional stress.

Secondly, making your guest understand that there face shape could change with weight gain during pregnancy. So, no radical changes and a style that is easy to manage for maximum comfort when styling is required.

Finally, as above explain to your guest that their hair and scalp will undergo changes towards chemical services. So they can have it coloured but explain what needs to be done and why ie skin test, hair test.

There are many options for clients that are expecting, or have recently had a baby, from a variation of colour options and hair styles! At Jericho Hair Salons any of our stylists would be more than happy to discuss options with you anytime, simply call the salons or call in.

Blonde Hair Magazine Deal!

Pick up a copy of the latest Blonde Hair Magazine and you could bag yourself a great deal at any of the Jericho Hair salons.  Thats right! At all 4 salon locations you can combine highlights and a cut and blow dry for a saving of 40% of the total, make sure you bring along the cut-out coupon in the magazine and let reception know when making the appointment.

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